The majority of the first settlers perished through famine or warfare with Native Americans, but the colony was never abandoned.
Through her marriage to settler John Rolfe, Pocahontas ensured a period of peace and growth for the settlement. Her father the powerful paramount chief Powhatan had been justifiably distrustful of the English settlers and had his soldiers attack the settlement several times.

The first representative assembly in North America was in 1619 on Jamestowne Island.  Elected representatives from surrounding plantations and towns arrived at the Jamestowne Church for a meeting of the House of Burgesses.  This was the beginning of representative government in the colonies which became the United States of America.

Today, the Jamestowne is a fascinating archaeological site, a museum, and a living monument to the brave settlers who established America's first permanent colony of Europeans.  Whatever your interest in history, you'll find something to enjoy at Jamestowne.  Check here for more information.

Jamestowne:  One of America's oldest and newest and most exciting places

The Society was organized in 1936 and has now grown to over 5000 members.

First Ohio Company was chartered in 2005 with 19 chartering members and today there are two companies in Ohio 

For further information on Jamestowne our members recommend these books:

Jamestowne The Truth Revealed, by William M Kelso  NEW

A Land as God Made It by James Horn

Jamestown The Buried Truth  by William M. Kelso

Pocahontas Powhatan Opechancanough Three Indian lives changed by Jamestown by Helen C. Rountree

Adventures of Purse and Persons Virginia 1607-1624/5
by John Frederick Norman

and these websites:



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